Locked by Lana Evanova, 70x50cm acrylic painting on canvas.

Tribute to Ernst Ludwig Kirchner: Self – portrait “Locked”, 70x50cm acrylic by Lana Evanova. Here Lana tries to repeat Kirchner’s aspiration to settle the connection between the past and the present using red color as a bridge. She also uses abstract and loose brush strokes to emphasize the expression of inner emotions as Kirchner did.

This portrait conveys a sense of tension and distress, with its strong brushstrokes depicting a figure seeming to be in deep thought and contemplation, while at the same time being locked away from the outside world. The red used in the background creates a feeling of energy, passion, and emotion, much like Kirchner’s works. In this artwork Lana uses his characteristic style of colorful and expressive art to achieve the goal of creating an emotional connection between the viewer and the artwork. The wide range of red shades used in the painting has an intense atmosphere and express the artist’s inner state. By looking at this work, one can not only feel the powerful emotions that the artist wanted to share, but also appreciate the beauty of the composition itself.

LANA Evanova