Collioure vibes

Collioure vibes by Lana Evanova, 24x30cm acrylic painting on canvas.

It is the new interpretation of the classics where the artist tries to reach the harmony so valued by a peaceful generation of artists, such as André Derain and Henri Matisse. 

The painting depicts a hazy summer day in Collioure, France – an area where Derain was highly inspired by the light and the natural beauty of this special place. The canvas is filled with a blend of warm colors and shapes that seem to be dancing on the surface, creating an atmosphere of peace and serenity that celebrates the unique style of André Derain. 

The painting is a tribute to Derain’s mastery and legacy, with the intention of recreating some of the same feelings he must have felt when he painted his now iconic works.

A colorful palette, where the warm colors blend with the cool colors, creates a balanced composition. The artwork features several hues of blues and purples, which come alive through the use of vibrant brushstrokes. The scene captures a beautiful moment, when the sun is setting in the Mediterranean town of Collioure. The sky is filled with yellow light and tiny white clouds, as the boats bob in the waves of the harbor. In the foreground, bright red sand line the shore, creating a peaceful atmosphere that invites viewers to take a break and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Anyone who is obsessed with arts in the fauvism style would definitely enjoy this piece having in their collection.

LANA Evanova