Art Is The Lie

It enables us to realize the truth
Frozen heart by lana evanova

The philosophy of my art is about harmony cognition.

Art Is Not What You See

but what you make others see.

Lana Evanova - The universal Artist

You can everything

Imagine is real

Leaving the fear of being wrong

Welcome the freedom of creativity 

Being open to the beauty

One finds the peace

When dreaming the painting

Painting becomes the dream

Aiming to achieve perfection

Asking for permission is senseless

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

Inspirational minds are welcome

It’s a happiness to create an art piece for a connoisseur: portraits, landscapes, still life, abstractions. In the most admired styles: fauvism, cubism, romanticism, impressionism, pop art, naive art primitivism, contemporary art.

The philosophy of our art


They trust my vision


I'm Lana Evanova - Artist & Voice of The Generation