Who is she

Lana Evanova is a contemporary Eastern European artist who honed her skills at the Austin Peay College of Arts and Letters, while she embarked on extensive travels. Her solo exhibitions encompass notable showcases such as ‘Garden of Gods’ at The Artists’ Gallery in Canon City, US (2001), ‘Radiance of Faces’ in Medora, Canon City, US (2001), and ‘Winter Muses’ at the Marriott in London (2015). Noteworthy among her group exhibitions are ‘Inside The Beauty’ at the Annarumma Gallery in Napoli (2002), ‘Patterns in Perspective’ at Lumiere Gallery in Moscow (2012), as well as participation in prestigious events including Art Fiera in Bologna, Italy (2024) and art KARLSRUHE in Germany (2024).

Lana hails from a family deeply rooted in the arts. Her father, a gifted poet, dedicated numerous poems to Lana’s mother. Meanwhile, her grandfather showcased his paintings in galleries across Europe, and her great-uncle gained renown for his remarkable novels and screenplay writing.

This rich artistic heritage undoubtedly influenced Lana’s pursuits. In her leisure time, she immerses herself in painting and writing, although she keeps the latter private, often described as being “for the desk drawer.”

Lana’s artistic preferences lean towards fauvism, impressionism, contemporary, and AI styles in the arts.


Art washes away from the soul

the dust of everyday life

Pablo Picasso

Unswayed by the allure of brands, I embrace life’s simplicity and minimalism, which is why I tend to lead an ascetic lifestyle. Nestled in a quaint and tranquil area, I reside with my rescued canines. Despite my outwardly calm demeanor, I am a dreamer, an overthinker. I have a fondness for re-reading the same books and a mild addiction to cookies.

I relish each day, beginning with lively music blaring as I dance through my morning routines alongside my furry companions. Afterwards, I delight in preparing something delectable with the aroma of rosemary lingering in the air.

As evening approaches, my favorite part of the day unfolds: painting and creating. Whether capturing the subtle nuances of human expression or blending an array of hues, I am endlessly fascinated by the creative process.

LANA Evanova

How does it feel when

creating arts

Be it awkward or exhilarated

The soul remembers its dance as the body surrenders to movement.

A sound of hints in every image

Just as every parting gives a foretaste of death and every reunion is a hint of the resurrection, so art operates by allusions and dark suggestions.

When time struggles with happiness find what you love and let it kill you

We are all slowly wasting ourselves by thinking about everything – if this or that scenario could be wrong or right for us. Meanwhile, do we get the satisfaction we chase?

Let art be your answer.

Less becomes something more

When reflecting on the radiant simplicity of the beauty deeds.

Seeing the dawn before the rest of the world

Dreamers find their way by the moonlight.