Ms Hope

Ms Hope by Lana Evanova, 70x50cm acrylic painting on canvas.

The artwork captures the essence of the 1960s with its bright and bold colors, as well as its modernist style. The painting also contains elements of abstraction, with vibrant gold and white hues creating an energetic atmosphere.

It is another tribute to the founding father of pop art Alex Katz. This painting is inspired by the classic American art style. The composition is centered around the female figure, representing Hope.

She is not surrounded by a variety of symbols but has a minimalistic warm pattern: only Her and sparkling optimism, joy and love. The background features gold, creating an air of mystery and wonder. Ms Hope expresses the idea of dream, which is essential for a brighter tomorrow. 

The woman’s gaze is not directed toward the viewer, creating an inviting and uplifting sense. It is an optimistic piece that encourages its viewers to believe that anything is possible.

LANA Evanova