Rays in the Birches

Lana Evanova’s 30x80cm acrylic painting on canvas, “Rays in the Birches”.

It is her artistic homage to the Ukrainian landscape painter Arkhyp Kuindzhi. Kuindzhi was renowned for his mastery of light, likely due to his work with chemist Dmitry Mendeleev on color studies. Through this work, Lana Evanova seeks to reignite our waning appreciation of light.

The painting uses a soft, muted palette of greens to create a dreamy atmosphere, while the sun’s rays beam through the birch trees, casting their shadows. The light is reflected on the glade, adding an ethereal quality to the work. The brushstrokes evoke a sense of movement as if the wind is blowing gently across the canvas. Evanova’s technique pays homage to Kuindzhi’s style while also incorporating her own unique vision. The subtle use of color and light creates a sense of peace and calm, leaving the viewer with a feeling of serenity. The background of the painting is dominated by the vibrant yellow of a glowing sunset, and the foreground features a grove of birch trees silhouetted against the horizon. Rays of sunlight streak through the leaves to create an ethereal glow. The juxtaposition of the cool blues of the sky against the warm hues of the sunset, as well as the light dancing between the birches, imbue the painting with an air of mystery and awe. Evanova has created a captivating landscape that celebrates Kuindzhi’s contributions to Ukrainian art and reminds us of the beauty of nature.

LANA Evanova