Harbor Morning

This breathtaking homage to Claude Monet, “Harbor Morning”, is an acrylic painting on canvas created by Lana Evanova, measuring 30x80cm. Glimmering golds, shimmering silvers and delicate pearlescent come alive in ways that a photograph can only hint at.

Let your imagination feel how this artwork could illuminate your interior, bringing a serene atmosphere.

The composition of this painting is an inviting and calming embrace of the sea. Painted with a soft yet vibrant brush, the waves of the harbor gently ripple beneath the pastel sky, while the boats calmly drift on the waves. The tranquil beauty of the piece has a way of transporting the viewer to a peaceful place.

The painting presents an idyllic scene of a harbor in the morning, with small boats floating among still waters. A delicate layer of mist hangs in the air, adding to the dreamy ambiance of the piece. With its muted palette and subtle brushwork, this painting is sure to be a timeless addition to any home.

LANA Evanova