Frozen Heart: Today You Killed A Dreamer

“Frozen Heart: Today You Killed a Dreamer” by Lana Evanova, 100x150cm acrylic painting on canvas.

The piece measures 100 cm x 150 cm and portrays a visceral expression of loss and shattered dreams. In the painting, a central part – symbol of heart, rendered in dark red tones, appears frozen and cracked, symbolizing the destruction of hope and aspirations. Surrounding the heart are splatters of dark, frozen blood-like paint with white strokes, adding to the sense of tragedy and despair. Through her use of colour, texture, and symbolism, Evanova conveys the profound emotional impact of having one’s dreams extinguished.

“Frozen Heart: Today You Killed a Dreamer” by Lana Evanova is a contemporary artwork that explores the theme of shattered dreams and loss. Through a frozen and cracked heart surrounded by splatters of dark paint, the artist evokes a sense of tragedy and despair, inviting viewers to contemplate the emotional toll of unfulfilled aspirations.

LANA Evanova