Walk Away

Lana Evanova’s powerful declaration of autonomy, “Walk Away,” is a stunning 80x120cm acrylic on canvas. Influenced by Bruce Nauman and Pat Steir, the painting encourages us to take a stand for yourself and take back our own power. When we find ourselves in difficult situations and our hearts are trampled on, it may hurt to do so, but we must WALK AWAY. We owe it to ourselves to not tolerate and to not allow the behaviors that we do not want in our lives.

It is an abstract painting with a bright, bold black-white palette and strong, expressive brushstrokes. It captures the feeling of stepping away from the chaos and finding yourself somewhere new. The energetic brushstrokes of words are thrown on the canvas in a vibrant array like a sobering slap that creates a sense of motion to freedom, suggesting that the art piece will become a metaphor for waking up and walking away from something or someone and finding your own path. It is an inspiring message to take strong control of new yourself.

Do what’s best for you and take back your power:

“You’re gonna have to do is what’s best for you. Even if it feels shit. You have to understand is that what you tolerate and allow in your life, is what you will get in the end. When someone shows you who they are, when someone shows you that they don’t care, when someone manipulates you, when someone is back and forth with you, hot and cold. Whatever the circumstances may be, WALK AWAY!

Do what you have to do, and it’s not gonna feel good. It’s gonna hurt, there’s some sort of bond there. But you have to. You can’t continue to let people walk, stomp all over your heart, and make you feel pathetic. It is all about their unhealed craving for dominance. You can’t change it in them. But it’s not fair to you. It’s not even fair to them. Take a stand for yourself.

Even when it hurts to let go. Take a stand for yourself and WALK AWAY”.

LANA Evanova