Lana Evanova captures the essence of “Him” in her 70x50cm acrylic painting on canvas.

It is a tribute to the one who causes a never-ending flurry of emotions. His piercing gaze and the way his hair delicately falls – fascinating. You can’t help but smile when you think of Him.

The mysterious, defiant figure, she has crafted, reflects the emotional rollercoaster of the one person who invades your every thought.

His devious eyes and effortless style can make you go weak in the knees, while his careless attitude can make your heart sink. He can drive you to despair, yet still bring you back to the surface. He is truly the epitome of a love-hate relationship.

He is that person that you constantly search for in a crowd and when you find him, it’s the best feeling ever. He’s your “Him”.

LANA Evanova